Yuxin Jiang      

How often have you been bothered by any of the following problems?

This is normally how the process starts. A while later, a solution is provided. We follow it, hoping the problem will be eliminated.

I tried to cheer you up. But I couldn’t. One day you came back from hospital, with some medicines. Professionals said you were biologically ill. I couldn’t believe it. The medicines didn’t help you get better. Then you stopped taking them.
I had too much to do. I could not let you to drag me into your abyss. I left, feeling selfish and cruel. A while after I left, you told me you had recovered. I asked how. You didn’t say anything specific. ‘It’s just gone’.

When I found myself in a place where knowledge is subverted and affliction sublimated, I was finally able to make sense of what we had been through.