Yuxin Jiang

Five Events and Some Observations on Identity

What forms collective identity at the present moment, a moment that seems to be extremely (and bizarrely) both hybrid and polarised? 

And to what extent is an individual inevitably part of a collective identity? 

The work takes an autobiographical approach. As a migrant living in London, the artist experiences certain psychological events prompted by the emergence of collective identity into consciousness.

What is seen here is not a documentation of those psychological events, rather it’s the reactions to them, which were formed in experiencing the subtle but constant tension with the collective identity. It shifts with great fluidity between being unaware of it and reminded of it, identifying with it and resisting it as an individual. 

By magnifying the micro in the vernacular, the work speaks out loud the unease possibly commonly shared and ask how do we live with identities that we don’t necessarily identify with?