Yuxin Jiang

The Instagram Project: Quirky Science Questions, 2020

20 worksheets in risograph prints

Installation view at Landskrona Foto Festival 2020, photo courtesy of Anna Siggelkow.

The Instagram Project is a constellation of works looking at the Instagram images that knowingly or not participate in the construction and consumption of the Chinese as a spectacle of ‘the other’ yet often mistaken as the societal reality.

With a satirical and analytical approach, the project takes the images and the text accompanying them out of Instagram, dissects, alters, and repurposes them to create new meanings and contexts, as strategies to undo the underlying ethnocentric judgements that fuel the popularity of them.

Quirky Science Questions is a set of unexpected science questions devised based on images and video clips from Instagram. The reading of the images shifts as they are given a new function, liberating them from the narrow-minded. The questions are produced in collaboration with Theodora Ntoka, an education researcher.